Motilal Nehru Law College Khandwa


1. To create a professional environment in which Students,Faculty and staff member work together.

2. To create an environment conducive to professional development at the campus, the institute treats the students as legal trainees. With his professional approach in mind, Students should perform each activity with full sense of responsibility. For this, they should try to use professional managerial thinking for choosing the best solutions out of the various possible alternatives for solving any problem in legal environment.

3. The institute encourages the students to interact with each other and with top personnel in legal. Industrial and business organizations to bridge the gap between theory and practice and to enable the students to understand and practice and to enable the students to understand how problems arise and how they are analyzed for reaching solutions in wake of existing constraints

4. We are very particular about attendance in the classes; Students will not be allowed to go on leave. Unless there is an extreme necessity and acceptable reasons. Under special circumstances a few days leave can be allowed but no benefit of leave will be given in the counting of attendance or for any other purpose related to examination or evaluation process.

5. Faculties are fully empowered to disallow a late comer from attending class or from any other activity of the College.

6. Students have to observe discipline and follow all the Rules and Regulations relating to Campus, Library, and other general rules of the college.

7. A progress report of weak student about their Attendance and Performance shall be displayed on the Notice board and a copy of the same shall be sent to their parent/guardians for information if found necessary. 8. The Students will have to wear uniform as prescribed by the Motilal Nehru Law College.

9. Each Student will be issued an identity card with his/her photograph and countersigned by the Principal. The student must wear their Identity Cards with them for verification at all times. That should be produce before the authority as and when demanded with them.

10. Uses of cell phones are not permitted subject to the restrictions in class rooms, Library & College Campus.

11. Any student violating the above Rules and Regulations could be penalized. Even to the extent to expulsion from the program.

12. No student of Motilal Nehru Law College shall indulge in any act of indiscipline which includes.

i. Misconduct/Misbehavior.

ii. Violation of rules and regulations of discipline and Motilal Nehru Law College.

iii. Breach of an undertaking.

iv. Physical violence or use of abusive language.

v. Destroying or defacing of Motilal Nehru Law College.

vi. Organizing a procession or meeting without the permission of the appropriate authority.

vii. Rowdy or other forms of misbehavior

viii. Making false statement with a view to affect the impartiality of action by an officer or to impute malice or created public opinion against him/her or with any other malicious motive.

ix. Participation in activities such as Gherao, Dharna and Pradarshan: use of derogatory slogans abuses and propaganda.

x. Disrupting the smooth running of the Institute or environment, conducive to studies or Harmonious relationship between different people living on the campus.

xi. Refusal to establish or reveal identity.

xii. Non-Payment of Motilal Nehru Law College fees or other dues including Charges Library and T.C.

xiii. Attempting to commit an act of indiscipline, abetting an act of indiscipline, inciting others to commit an act of indiscipline individually or jointly with others.

xiv. Disrupting or preventing teaching, Study examination, Extra-curricular activities, Office working etc.

xv. Arriving late in Classes.

xvi. Securing admission by submission of fake documents.

xvii. Sending obscene/lewd/nasty SMS/MMS (Short Messaging Services and Multi Media Service)

xviii. Misuse of internet facilities and mobile in the Campus.

xix. Stealing of Bags/Books or other valuable material.

xx. Bursting of crackers and use of Colors(Dry/wet) inside the premises including classes.

xxi. Celebrating birthday (Cutting of cake) or any other celebration of a personal nature inside the Campus.

xxii. Mass Bunking of Classes.

xxiii. Loitering in the campus, making noise, interfering with peaceful working of offices, Library, Moot Court, and Legal Aid Clinic & Classes.

xxiv. Over-Speeding and improper parking of vehicles inside the Campus.