In year 1960 some eminent Lawyers of Khandwa town, decided to start law college at Khandwa. After seeing a big problem that Khandwa students who passed out their graduation courses had to go to Indore, Nagpur and other cities where law colleges exist.

But those students whose financial condition are not so good they are not able to pursuing the degree of law. At that time so many students who are facing difficulties in pursuing the law degree after seeing such a big problem some Honorable lawyers of Khandwa Bar association took a big step and decided to start the law college in Khandwa city, in the guidance of senior advocate Shri Radhakrishna Gupta. The 15 district bar association honorable lawyer of Khandwa has decided to establish the law college in Khandwa. After the very hard work in 1960 the first law College of Khandwa district & Nimad was established.

When the Motilal Nehru Vidhi Mahavidyalaya was established in year 1960. It was the matter of proud when this college was established in our country famous advocate pandit Motilal Nehru has completed his 100th birthday and century year. It is the matter of proud for us. To remember his memory in our heart our college name was kept Motilal Nehru Vidhi Mahavidyalaya, Khandwa.

Madhya Pradesh Government has devoted a land for our college. our Khandwa district's respected people different firms and societies founder member of vidhi sikshan samiti donated & economically helped in the support to build our college building. Madhya Pradesh government and Sagar University has given the recognition & affiliation to our college. founder members hard work provide the free teaching to our college student.

In the year 1997 state Government has changed the affiliation and the result of that our college was affiliated with Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Indore. All India Bar Council of India in the field of education improve the standard of education has amended in the advocate act. At the last our college was affiliated by the Bar Council of India.

The following members of Khandwa bar Association Constituted a Society and got it registered with the Registrar Society at Bhopal. The founder members that devoted their evening time in giving law lectures to the students of Law College Khandwa in a meager conveyance allowance at that time. The honorable Advocates who contributed a lot are as follows.

Founder Member :

1) Shri Radhakrishna Gupta.
    BA LL.B.
    Born on 01-06-1898
    Died on 22-03-2000
Practiced at Khandwa both in civil and criminal side. Till his last actively associated with the Dhuniwale Dadaji trust. He was dean of the faculty of law and also a member of exceptive council of Sagar University and the President of Bar Association Khandwa. President and Principal of Law Education Society and M.N.Law college for number of years. And he had played a very vital role in the establishment of the Law College.

2) Shri P.Subbarao son of Ramaswami. Mudaliar.
    BA LL.B.
    Born at kamti now in Mharashtra on 1897
    He died at Khandwa on 26-03-1976
He was an advocate practiced at Khandwa both in civil and criminal side. He was a government pleader and also a public prosecutor for number of years. He was associated with social and cultural activities of Khandwa town. He was also the president of Khandwa municipal council, and also president of law education society and also the principal of the college. He contributed a lot for the betterment of general public.

3) Shri K.R.Sakargaye.
    BA LL.B.
    Born on 26-01-1917
    Died on 24-10-2003
Practiced at civil, criminal and revenue side. Was active member of the All India Congress Party was a member of Parliament for one term and he was a member of Legislative assembly of Madhya Pradesh for 2 terms. Also the President of the Law Education Society and Principal of M.N. Law College Khandwa.

4) Shri B.G.Kerhalkar.
    BA LL.B.
   Born on 18-11-1905
   Died on 25-02-1985
Practiced at Khandwa Bar Association. Purely a civil lawyer and huge practice in civil side. Was President of Maharashtra Samaj for some time and was always involved in samaj activities.

5) Shri M.A. Pagare
    BA LL.B.
    Born on 1918.
    Died on 09-06-1994
Practiced in civil, criminal and revenue matters.Associated with the Dada Dhuniwale Ashram trust and a trustee for some time Interested in literary field, Associated with the activities of Manikya Smarak Vachanalaya, Khandwa.

6) Shri A.C. Jain.
    BA LL.B. (Visharad)
    Born on 23-07-1907
    Died on 08-04-1992
Practiced at Khandwa in civil, criminal and revenue side was Govt.Pleader and Public Prosecutor Remained President of Khandwa Bar Association and also President and Honorary professor of law.

7) Shri M.G. Kango.
    BA LL.B. (Maths and English Lit.)
    Born on 01-02-1901
    Died on 15-02-1974
Practiced at Khandwa both in civil, criminal and also appeared in number of Income Tax matters such as Lucknow, Allahabad, Bombay, Madras benches. Was a Public Prosecutor Govt. Pleader for about 6 years. Was also a fine Tennis Player.

8) Shri A.L.Arzare.
    BA LL.B.
    Born on 16-08-1907
    Died on 10-02-1997
Practiced at Khandwa. He was a secretary of the District congress committee. He was also a member of the Swatantrata Sangram.

9) Shri S.S.De
    MA LL.B.
    Born on 15-06-1903
    Died on 25-03-1993
Practiced at Khandwa, was a Govt. Pleader and Public Prosecutor for number of years. Actively associated with the Manikya Vachanalaya, Khandwa and the President of Bengali samaj.

10) Shri Iqbal Shankar.
     BA LL.B.
Practiced fully in criminal matters. Appeared in Various sessions trials. Also associated with the Dadaji Dhuniwale Ashram trust activities.

11) Shri S.D.Sapre.
     MA LL.B.
Practiced at Khandwa was expert in Revenue matters though handled some important civil and criminal matters.

12) Shri C.D.Meghashyam.
     BA LL.B.
He was honorable member of Khandwa Bar was an active member of swatantrata sangram vice president of Khandwa municipal council. He was the correspondent of Nagpur Times.

13) Shri K.N.Gadre.
     BA LL.B.
     Born on 18-06-1912
     Died on 13-05-1994
Practiced on civil, criminal and revenue side. Also President for Maharashtra some time.

14) Shri B.A.Bhatt.
     BA LL.B.
     Born on 1917
     Died on 13-09-1982
Practiced at Khandwa in civil and revenue matters. He was President of Khandwa Bar Association and also active in social activities.

15) Shri Y.N.Sharma.
     BSC LL.B.
     Born on 16-08-1932
     Died on 01-05-1991
Practiced both in civil and criminal side was standing counsel for the State Bank of India and other financial institutions was also a panel Lawyer for the Forest Department. He was also the member of Swatantrata Sangram Movement.